If We Ever Come Back Down

by Vague Advice

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released November 5, 2014

Vague Advice is:

Dante Robinson
Jeff Croce
Austin Murter
Chris Matusik

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios

Album Art by Melanie Steinway



all rights reserved


Vague Advice Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

We just wanna create the music that we would like to hear.

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Track Name: Cecil Mills
We’d burn
Brighter than the ether
Burning through the stars
Look where we are

We grow from hate, despite the things that we create
Lovers born to break the balance of our hearts

We’ve lost the time that you promised me
We were young, we were young
You don’t want to be alone
But you refuse to hold your tongue

You are not the man you were, but this is more than you and me
This is not the life we swore, nor is this who I thought I’d be

I’ve kept a lot from you
But you like to hurt me too
The words you wield so flagrantly,
And you feel like you’re saving me.

But there’s,
Three words, a reason to say there’s a reason to stay,
Though we’re bleeding and falling apart
Three lives, yeah we’ll be alright
Even if there’s no love, I won’t give up on your heart


We’ve lost who we are,
And I’m not sure we’ll be alright
Three words, three lives
We can’t walk out now
Three words, three lives
I don’t care how it sounds
This means more than us
Track Name: Qualia
Call off the guards
You’re arrested in time, suspended
Your wings are your scars
We can’t sleep in the fire
The weak is the wolf with the heart

Breathe your Christian tongue to me
Your apostles have been sharing their drinks with thieves

Stop, the ether’s in my throat
And I promised myself that I wouldn't choke
But the words are anchored to my teeth
And they sound like you

And, oh, the world’s so dark
If we could see
Then maybe we could find a place to start
And all the sons of Dolores could silence their beating hearts

If we ever come back down, down
I can only imagine we’d find
That we never left our homes
And I keep thinking of things
Like the sky, and how it got there
And it’s getting me nowhere fast
But if I reach out my hand,
Just to grab what’s in the air
Am I holding on to anything, anything
I've lost you in the mess

I’ll wait for you there
I’ll wait for you to come back down
They all sound like you
Track Name: Aster
Has this been your only wish
Can I pretend life was never one?
Or have I been repeating them?
I’m perching over hills to see straight

I've become so familiar, I'll draw the details of your mouth.

You’re all I can bare to become
All that is inside of me
Are songs that you have sung
And we sing, “Maybe you could take us home.
Maybe you could save us.”

You’re pulling my teeth for the words
To hear the absence waiting in my throat
We’re drawn in a pattern;
Stealing up the wall space

These woods, your woods rush around me and I’m lost
Wandering; I've been so wrapped up in you
I need more time, love. Help me turn back these hands.

(Spring huddles up against us,
Warming and cooling our sun bared skin.
Wide eyed smiles, sweet brushing lips that
I feel your sincerity

I've become so familiar, I’ll draw the details of your mouth)

I can see it now
Track Name: Moments Before the Wind
Waste all of the words
The words, you don’t
Invent what you see

And can you believe
The song and the sea
Between all the leaves

I can keep up with you
Because I’m in love with you
And even your ways

And all I can see, see, see
Is the end of a story you wrote in your sleep
I believe-leave, leave
That your post-modern fiction,
It won’t let you breathe

It won’t let you speak

I've been reaching over boat sides
For some sort of sense, I've tried

All the delusions of childhood
They never really left you
Your stature is beginning to falter
Action without reason can be very destructive
Then again that never worried you
In fact, it captured you
The same way you captured every fear you’d ever felt
And kept them in a jar until you could find a vessel
And god your lips were the conduit
But my name sounds good in your mouth
For some sort of sense, I've found
Track Name: The King
I found the town we were looking for in the backseat
And the waves crashed against our wounded knees
We drove around for hours as the sounds moved past me
And your name became the cavalry, sent to take the city back from thieves

You stopped the car and told me that you were
Afraid to live a life you hadn't seen in the films
So call your folks,
Tell them that you’re staying for awhile
And I’ll create a selfish state for you to live in peace

You cost the kingdom all its men
When you tried to save the world
You wrote me with an ink-less pen
Now you’re writing out your dreams

You flew a thousand miles
To take what you’d already buried in
The sand, this home’s no longer yours

Then the ambulance came to take me
And the sirens sounded like the song
You used to sing to me while I would sleep

They traded stares and spoke of my body
And one man told me stories
While I lay in the mercy of my faith

He said, “I once met a man whose scars looked much like Babel,
He had the eyes of Job and the wisdom of the sky.
When I met him he was fighting fire
And fell beneath the sea.
Sometimes, the hands that save us
Work to wither down our spines.

You cost the kingdom all its men
When you tried to save the world
You never did write me back
Now you’re tearing out your hair

You walked across the earth
Your bloody hands were broken by the fall
In my dreams, at least you have the sense
The sense to wash them off

I’m writing you again to let you know that I’m alive
And there is nothing you can do
I’m not angry, I’m not scared
No the water here is nice
And it’s okay that I’m alone
Cause like a man that I have
Met inside my dreams
I've seen scars that are worse
And I’m learning to survive

I’m learning to live again.
Track Name: Is This You?
Your promises
I’m not sure what they mean
And timelessness is never what it seems
I know that I have dealt my share of pain
And so, I’ll be leaving with the rain

They’re not the words that you would like to hear, but words are words.

As I walk away
And you turn to stone
I will thank you for the days
That you made hell feel like home

And you will grow to hate the way
The sky burns darker shades of grey
And my name, it bleeds through you in vane
In your veins, you should know
I’m to blame, you should go without me

Without me you’re monument
With all those marks you've made
The graceless time your father spent,
The reasons that you’re so afraid

The cost of war is not so clear
When love and blood become our muse
When all your virtue is to fear
I must go, Yeah, everything must go

This is where we come to find
The fires that we failed to light
This fight is not ours
We’ll find that we must fix our minds
I must fix my mind
Track Name: Babydaisycat
The lights
The calming sense of fear
I know the water’s cold and
I don’t mean to be
The sea,
And everything you’re mourning
Come to me

You’re lost
And you don’t have a choice
Brother, I’m a friend
Your brother said,
“Your pen
Told the telegraph
To mar the minds of men”

You’re casting all of your sins
To the back of the book,
You’re not whole.
You’re breaking all
The batteries instead
Losing the chemistry of kindness

You are
You are the calm, the calm.

I hope you come
I hope you come around
The lights, the sea
And everything else I couldn't be
The sky
Telegraphs that I could already read

Carolyn, your ghost is in the hall
But God, I can’t see it anymore
you’re not loved.
Track Name: Hear
You fractured mess
All the chemicals you can
You've been away
Time goes by, and I
Cope, count, Kill the sound
Homes like citadels
Don’t fall asleep
(You are an artifact)
Count what you keep
(here, hear don’t look back)
We are the fortunate
Against your tattered lips
Track Name: You Were Sick, Now You're Better
Is this you?
Are you the heart I found too far from me to save?
Or are you the child I chose to Choose despite your ways

In time You're inside of life, you always found your own
You are the light, you are the trees and all of my bones

I'd be an arctic, If the rain would be our song
Leaving no trace that we'd ever left our homes
(Unless you taste the cold)

Calm the ocean
Calm the sorrow
You're the ocean
Come tomorrow

I'm alive
Track Name: Coma Ocean
Kill the state,

The camera’s on your side

The canvas that you stole

Is the one you can’t erase

And may I say,

That you create the cancer that you claim

Will see your death

We’ll see your death

Ooh, and if we can’t come back

Then where is there to go?

Your body’s a machine

And you’re the night

And if there’s still a chance

That afterlife is polar

Then I will hold you ‘til

The stars have made their choice

We made our choice

Throw yourself into

Throw yourself into

The sea..