Time Travelers' Continent

by Vague Advice

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Time Travelers’ Continent follows three different timelines--past, present, future--exploring several concepts, including the structure of society, nuclear apocalypse, religion, the nature of reality, and, of course, time travel.

In present time, there’s been a nuclear apocalypse that eradicates a vast majority of humankind. A solipsist named James devotes the rest of his life to organizing society around the development of time travel to go back and prevent that apocalypse. In the future, once time travel has been developed, the plan is to send a boy–who turns out to be Jesus Christ–into the distant past to teach the world that love and compassion are more important than power and the self. Vincent and Christopher, who lead the time travelers' continent, deliberate the ethical implications of threatening the new society they have built.


released April 21, 2017

Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 6 Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jesse Cannon & Mike Oettinger at Cannon Found Soundation
Track 3 Engineered & Mixed by Matt Poirier at Miner Street
Track 5 Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Croce
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation



all rights reserved


Vague Advice Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

We just wanna create the music that we would like to hear.

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Track Name: From the City Toward the Hills (or Things as They Appear)
You've got your head wrapped up
in the last book that you wrote
(You don't know, you don't know)
What to do
Hallelujah, there's wine in the living room
Say hello to your mother for me
(There's salt on the ground
There's blood in the dinner plates), come on
It's fine with me
you always have been something
I could never be
But I will be there
I will see (the earth
fall from its axis)
I will hold you
We will sing,
("Thou father, you are home")
Words we spoke at dinner parties
ringing in my ears
It's so hard to believe
the way we wasted our disease
(But I will..
I will..)
I will hold you close
I will love your ghost
I will not be saved
Track Name: 22 Years Later, Feeling Better
Lights in sight of December
In the place where I was born
If you're feeling weary,
Won't you lay your head in down

(In your own heart,
In your own mind)
You can find a piece of me
(There you'll find death also)
It's there that we will meet

Love itself has found you
And I,
(Will not leave until you speak
It's name)

(And you),
Can know life through me, I'm told

Why have thou forsaken me
Track Name: The Things Themselves
You forget the way
Your hands start to shake
When you're alone and you know
You can't reach the phone
You're awake.
It's insufferable
There's far too much light
For you to see, oh please.
You never did take my advice.

Right there, you should've told me that I couldn't save you.

Come quick I need you to see this.
Open your eyes, there's a map inside my head
And I know that you're not a ghost
I know you'll find your way home

Right there, I could've told you that I wanted to save you.
But I couldn't save you
Not like I wanted to.
The formlessness won't make the content bleed
So please, Just let me sleep.
My God, just let me sleep.

You're not a God,
You're a man with a pen,
So fix your own mess.
You're not a god, Tallulah, I'm coming home.
Track Name: Time Travelers' Continent
Take our tongues
Between worlds, we speak
The language of our fathers.

We were all out of time
So when you arrive
Get your things in line
For my own sons
For my own sake

Why are you suddenly so afraid?
Why are we so conscious of everything?
I've been so wrong
To hold on for so long

Mind your son
In time we will be undone
Unless you can see
That humanity has won
Waste your grace,
The boy will be lost in space
Lessons in time,
we'll lose the world we've made
Track Name: filial piety/absent father
You and me,
A family that you set apart
To save one million lepers from the dark
And their dirty tongues
Leave a bitter taste
When they beg me not to cry
And i don't know why
You left me here to die

My father said, "You're the only one. Flesh and bone. With bread and wine, you'll take your time."
But I will die alone

You don't care to
Know if I wanted to live
So, you'll stick the nails through my hands
The love that you're to have me teach
Is one that you've failed to give unto me
Track Name: But the Future Refused to Change
Time moves slowly
Move towards the center
So incomplete

If we try
Then what's left to say here
But that the old world
Has come anew

All we know is "we know nothing"
At all

If we listen to the bastard's father
Are we bastard's as well
Who speaks for the people
When you speak for this machine that you've build?

Who have we to blame
When the world goes up
In flames again

Did we build everything
Just to burn it?
Son of James,
Do you fancy yourself a god?

We only know what we can fathom
Outside of space

The words are dust
Oh, but a few
He lived for us
And died for you
He died to kiss their dirty mouths
They took their sticks and stones
And built, they built a better house
Of whiskey and bones
Did love then stand a chance,
As they let their Devils dance,
We must never let the old world become again